Man With No Name – Vice Versa [2014]


The return of the king… i cant hide it MWNN is in my top3 alltimes favorites, 11 years past from his last album “Interstate Higeway”.
I always asked my self why he stoped producing music,
and i was very suprised and thrilled when i saw the samples on Pefrecto soundcloud...

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Xerox and Volcano Vs Sonic Species – Bring the Noise [2014]


The title says “bring the noise” and those 3 fantastic guys bring it without boundaries.
with non stoping pumping proper psychedelic trance.
First i would like to say few words about Xerox (Moshe Keinan). this guy is a LEGEND.
As a psychedelic trance fan since i remember my se...

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Killerwatts & Sonic Species EP [2014]


New HOT e.p by Killerwatts (Avalon & Tristan) and Sonic Species, including 2 fresh remixes.
the first track is killerwatts – psychedelic liberation remixed by Sonic Species.
well you dont need to much information when you see this HUGE names, UK finest psychedelic producers wi...

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Koxbox – Unexpected EP [2014]


For me and for many other fans & artists in this genre. these guys are the founding fathers of psy-trance.
with legendry albums that shaped the history of psychedelic music. after i heard a sample of “my name is joe”
i knowed this e...

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Skyfall, S.U.N. Project , Ital – Bad Monday EP [2014]


1. Skyfall – All Things Are One
2. S.U.N. Project – Bad Monday
3. Ital – Flowing

We are so thrilled to release this mind smashing e.p with 3 fresh EPICS
Opening with Skyfall, with a real psy-prog tune that shows
Daniel’s wicked skills, with his own unique style & at...

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Ital – Angkor EP [2014]

ITAL - Angkor (2014)

1 .Ital – Angkor
2. Ital vs Golden Ratio – Fase 1
3. Ital – Walking Conscious

this e.p is named by one of the most beautiful and ancient places in the world.
Ital was inspired by the spirituality of the ancient city. and the result is
just perfect we get 3 massive tracks with ...

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Hypnoxock – Rewritten By Shiva [2014]


1 :: Hypnoxock – On The Eve Of The Revolt
2 :: Hypnoxock – No Time To Cry
3 :: Hypnoxock – Double Zero

Goa Trance Music is proud to present our first digital release by Hypnoxock this ep includes 3 tracks, the first track “On The Eve Of The Revolt” is a super ...

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VA – Goa Trance Revolution [2013]


Our group was founded in 2009 with one premier goal, to promote Goa Trance all over the world.
We’re posting fresh and old school music on a daily basis and try rigorously to publish and promote it to everyone’s ear.
After gathering a vast audience of 50,000 listeners we h...

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