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Joost is co-manager of Goa Trance Music and co-organizer of the Cycles of Life party series in Belgium. Discovering goa trance around 2010, he quickly fell in love with the likes of Chi-A.D., Astral Projection, Etnica/Pleiadians and all the pioneers of the genre. Overwhelmed by the energy on the dancefloor, he sticked with the genre and scene.

He plays both with CD and vinlys and often comes in a team with his friend Jeroen a.k.a. Aziz, where together they create the perfect balance between the bright and the dark sides of this music.

Patrick is co-manager of Goa Trance Music, but also known for his own goa trance project Veasna. He found his way into the genre in the early 2000s and therefore has the spirit of oldschool goa flowing through him, however, he only started visiting parties in 2013, when he attended to the Freqs of Nature festival. That quickly lead to him producing this kind of music himself and also playing DJ sets.

He has since had numerous releases, including one full-length album on Neogoa Records. In 2015, him and Joost decided to take over this label from the previous owners, who had no ideas left for it.

The music he plays must follow the “no rules” philosophy that goa trance embodied in the late 90s. It is sometimes a bit experimental but mainly "in your face", highly energetic with heavy grooves and crazy melodies, well suited for night times.

For bookings as either a live act or a DJ, please follow the information provided on his booking page.

Daniel decided to become a DJ in 2003 and is founder and organizer of the Ghent-based Amanita Muscaria parties. He plays a large variety psychedelic, acid and trance music and has a big place in his heart for oldschool goa trance.

He plays at any time of the day or night, but prefers to be able to tell the audience a story while the sun is coming up in the morning.

Mirta met goa trance some time in 2010 and has since been in love with it, so much so that she has recently joined Global Sect as both a DJ and co-manager and is a founding member of the Belgrade-based Ages of Love team.

She started off playing retro trance on techno parties organized by friends, which later developed into oldschool goa trance sets as she started organizing her own parties in 2016. Since April 2017, she regularly organizes goa parties in Belgrade every month as part of the Ages of Love team.

The music she plays is mainly various styles of oldschool goa trance with some newschool twists.

For bookings, please contact her directly via E-Mail.

Thomas started his path by playing in his own blues rock band at age 17, when he eventually found his way into the world of goa trance after visiting the Antaris festival along with some friends. Albeit it took him a while to really grasp this kind of music, it was artists like Man With No Name, Astral Projection and Total Eclipse who inspired him to dig deeper.

He fell in love with the more acidic oldschool style and started collecting CDs - just for listening at first, but after a friend taught him DJing, he started playing as a DJ himself. Right now, he plays more of a psychedelic goa trance style, but will not rule out the occasional acidic and melodic twist!

After many years of visiting goa parties and falling deeply in love with the sounds and energy of the oldschool style, Robbe decided to start DJing in 2014 and ever since has been improving his skills and expanding his collection.

He appreciates various styles – from the melodic to the more dark-ish, twisted oldschool sound to forest trance (in the original sense), and tries to reflect this diversity in his sets, also balancing between known and lesser known artists and tracks.